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On September 4, 2012

A People of Maybe

At the heart of Christian Theology is what we call sin. It is the human condition, and a huge chunk of it is our incredible capacity to deceive ourselves and be totally unaware of it. We can be incredibly arrogant, prideful, smug creatures who are capable of both great harm and great good. And that’s why we need both community and humility.

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On June 20, 2012

The Red Thread Movement

So I just returned from a couple of weeks in Nepal working with the ministry Eternal Threads. It’s a great ministry that I highly commend that is working to create connections between 3rd and 1st world countries, and providing fair trade opportunities for some of the most vulnerable people in the world. One part of the Eternal Threads ministry is something called the Red Thread Movement, and what it is doing for the girls in Nepal is unreal!

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On November 9, 2011

Below the Line

Christians may not always be the one to produce to content, we won’t have creative control, or even a say (and granted there are lines that we should not cross). We may be forced into situations that we are not in control of but we can still be Faithful.

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On October 4, 2011

Christians and Pleasure

Frederick Buechner once said “Here is the world. Beautiful and terrible things will happen. Don’t be afraid.” I think that’s exactly right. Christians are at their best when they have one foot in the suffering of this world, and one foot in their hope for the next. They suffer with the world today and celebrate with the world to come.

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On April 21, 2011

The Groans of Creation

This is the holiest week of the Christian calendar. It’s the week where we celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. But this holy season comes on the heels of some of the worst natural disasters in recent history. It seems that the world is starting to come unraveled. So what does this week have to say about that?

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On February 21, 2011

Second Chances

After all the fanfare has died down, and the confetti was cleaned up, the greatest event of this NFL’s season is still in progress. And it has little to do with touchdowns.

I’ve been following Michael Vick ever since he was the quaterback at Virginia Tech. I can’t say I’ve always liked the teams he’s played on (especially Philly), but I’ve always liked him. He’s a phenom on the football field, with that rare combination of speed to evade the rush, but with also the ability to make some difficult throws. But like most people these days with extra-ordinary talents, there was some dangerous stuff lurking just beneath the surface.

And in 2007 it came crashing down on him.

Now, I’m no Public relations expert but it seems like making money off of dogs killing each other has got to be one of the stupidest things someone can do for their image. I grew up on a farm, have always had and loved dogs, and while I’m not about to join PETA, I like millions of others were angry and disappointed by what this Multi-millionare was doing with his spare time.

But I have a friend who saw this whole thing differently. He grew up in the projects too, and as soon as he heard about Vick’s conviction he took it personally. He saw it as more a snapshot of the human condition than just a stupid mistake.

Because here is a guy who seems to have everything, and now in a moment he is losing all of it.

Vick epitomized the tug of war that all of us feel inside of us. He later admitted that he knew he was making a series of mistakes, but he felt a profound sense of loyalty to these friends he had known forever.

It was inevitable that Michael Vick’s career was over. If Vegas was placing odds on a comeback it would have been up there with the Montreal Expos’ winning the World Series…next year.

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On October 20, 2009

Misc. Happenings and Resurrection

So last week was a hectic pace of being filled and having fun. Rick took about 10 young preachers to a preacher’s retreat with Bob Russell in Louisville. It was a fun time of being with some peers, learning really practical ministry advice from Bob and Rick, touring the Louisville bat factory (it had some ministry application) and bowling (not so much ministry application).

Then a few of us went to a Preacher’s conference at Lipscomb University, which is fast becoming one of my favorite Christian colleges. At the conference a few of us got to sit at the feet of some real Theological heavy-hitters like Tremper Longman and Scot McKnight (author of the Jesus Creed and Blue Parakeet). So after two back-to-back conferences, my brain is tired.

I want to just think about puppies and rainbows for the next few days.

I really thought the Razorbacks were going to pull off a major upset this weekend. But as a friend said, “St. Timothy of the Philippines finally overcame.” Either we are better than I thought we were, or Florida was having an off weekend. I choose to believe the first one.


This weekend in church we showed this video of a good friend of mine. His name is Rodney and I wrote about his story here last year.

If anyone exemplifies 1 Corinthians 6:11 it’s Rodney. He’s got a past. But you wouldn’t know it by talking to him, because who Rodney used to be isn’t nearly as exciting as who he is going to be.

Rodney is going to be a great minister. He’s a gifted leader and communicator, and I look forward to hearing him preach to his own congregation one day. With his permission I am posting the video we made of his story here because it’s so powerful.

Stories like Rodney’s life remind me of the real reason I believe in Easter.

As much as we can talk about evidence that Jesus rose from the dead, nothing helps me believe in Jesus as seeing his resurrection power in someone’s life. God is up to something in Rodney’s life that has changed everything for him, and all of us around him can tell.