On May 28, 2014

Big Announcement For the Storment’s

Storment’s New Addition from Jonathan Storment on Vimeo.

So a couple of months ago we find out that we were pregnant again. And after having such great kids like Eden, Samuel, and Hannah we couldn’t be happier with the news.

This is a video of our trip to the doctor yesterday. This video is our way of sharing our trip with the people we love. We had a blast doing this, Eden, Samuel and Hannah are pretty excited (as you can see) and we are, as a family, pumped to welcome a new little one into the world. So thanks for being a part of life, and for helping to welcome a new little baby into the world.

Love, the Storment’s.

p.s. please don’t comment about what gender the baby is. Let it be a surprise to everyone else.

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  • Cynthia Gambrell Kneip

    So CUTE and so happy with/for y’all! Love, The Kneips

  • Kristin Sullivan

    Aaaaaw these videos are just precious every time. All your kids crack me up. So cute. Samuel is under some kind of impression he’s getting a small pet, I think. Congrats! Love you guys!

  • Donna Dee FitzSimmons

    I guessed correctly. I feel like a winner! Thank you for sharing these the way you do, I love them.

  • David Lang

    The Name-That-Storment-Baby Contest is on! My personal recommendation is: Thunder. Thunder Storment.

  • Emily Tate

    I’m a little concerned that 2 of your 3 children think the gender of their sibling is somehow connected to the gender of their dog…. :)