• Joe Bob

    Excellent point of view here – trying to decide how to share this with an atheist friend??

  • NBC

    “He’s bigger than your problems, because he’s more than just your God.” This is a very telling statement. It is one that is hard to digest at times. We all want God to be the savior for every issue we have, but you’re right; My enemies are not His enemies. Great reminder.

  • http://stormented.com Jonathan Storment

    Thanks Nathan, hope y’all are doing well!

  • http://stormented.com Jonathan Storment

    Joe Bob, I really don’t know how or if this is a good post to share. If so, I’d just say “Sorry, we religious people struggle with this quite a bit, and maybe it makes it easier if you know we are at least somewhat aware of it.” Thanks for asking!

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  • Darryl Willis

    Thank you, Jonathan! Well put.

  • http://stormented.com Jonathan Storment

    Thanks Darryl!

  • Sean Brown

    Thanks for your thoughts. I’ve been reading Leo Tolstoy’s “The Kingdom of God is Within You” which has been challenging me on my view of “forced resistence” and being able to say my government is “good” and others are “evil” and that God is for us and not them.

  • http://stormented.com Jonathan Storment

    Thanks Sean, Lee Camp’s book Mere Discipleship is very challenging like that as well. He talks about how the German soldiers in World War II wore belt buckles that said basically “God is on our side.” Very convicting image. Thanks for weighing in Sean!

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  • Susan

    Great thoughts! Thanks for thinking about this on our behalf. I’ve sent it to several friends to prompt conversation. Keep up the good work!

  • Tom

    Perhaps the German soldiers were right, albeit only partly so, and the truth was (and still is) God is on all of our sides?

  • http://stormented.com Jonathan Storment

    Hmmm, good turn there. I think that’s good to emphasize that God is for us, but that doesn’t have to mean he’s against the people we are…and it often does.

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