On January 13, 2013

Restoration in Memphis

I love this video. And I really love this church’s vision. Josh Ross is a very good friend of mine (he’s another young preacher in Churches of Christ) and we found out last year, that our church shepherds, independent of one another, were working on very similar visions. Visions that hoped to partner with God in the Restoration of All Things.

We believe that the Kingdom of God is bigger than Churches of Christ, but that God is not done with Churches of Christ’s. And it’s exciting to see these movements of the Spirit prodding churches across the country in similar directions. Thanks Josh for sharing this video, and thanks Sycamore view for your courage to have a vision bigger than yourself!

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  • Blaisdellzack14

    Amen Brother Jonathan! i, too, loved this video and its message. Love the vision it talks about. i’m getting goose bumps just thinking about it.
    God bless the Highland and Sycamore View churches of Christ as y’all live out that vision to restore all things.
    Grace and Peace.

  • Josh Ross

    Thanks, Jonathan. I appreciate you bro. It’s been a fun ride. I love having you as a friend and conversation partner as we partner with God.

  • Blaisdellzack14

    BTW, i wrote about this video today on my own blog (zackblaisdell.wordpress.com). i hope both of you read what i wrote and tell me what y’all think of it.