On August 7, 2012

Storment’s: Party of Five

Storment’s: Party of Five from Jonathan Storment on Vimeo.

So a few weeks ago we find out that we were pregnant again. And after having such great kids like Eden and Samuel, we couldn’t be happier with the news.

This is a video of our trip to the doctor yesterday. This video is our way of sharing our trip with the people we love. We had a blast doing this, Eden and Samuel are pretty excited (as you can see) and we are, as a family, pumped to welcome a new little one into the world. So thanks for being a part of life, and for helping to welcome a new little baby into the world.  Love, the Storment’s.

p.s. please don’t comment about what gender the baby is. Let it be a surprise to everyone else.

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  • Auby and Grandpa

    I *LOVE* these announcements of our future grandchildren.

  • Kelley Spies

    Woo Hoo!!!!  Love your growing family!  So good to be with you guys. 

  • Scott

    Congrats–what a beautiful city you driving around in!!

  • Leslie

    I am so thankful you do because we love making them. :)

  • Amanda Beller

    Congrats! How exciting!

  • Ms. Nina

    Congratulations!! Sweet, sweet family!
     Love you guys!!

  • Mhydrick

    So happy for you guys!!! What a precious family!!!

  • http://disorientedtheology.wordpress.com Paul A.

    Congratulations! Start gearing up now because being outnumbered brings a whole new meaning to the concept of intensity. :-)

  • Connie B.

    Congratulations!!  Very exciting times ahead.

  • Jim Clark

    That is wonderful news, Leslie and Jonathan.  Thank the Lord.! Praying for a healthy baby girl!

    Brother Jim

  • Mitzi


  • Stewart McGregor

    I’m so excited for y’all, congratulations!!!!!  I can’t wait to see her when she comes!

  • MaryBeth


  • Kathy

    Thrilled for all five of ya’!!  And will be praying all God’s beautiful blessings for all five of you too!!  Love you – each one of you more than you know. Can I be a surrogate grandma to all of them? Mine are so far away, it would be such a blessing!!  Take care, Rejoice in Him and know how much all of you are loved!!  In Him – K

  • Dianaswedlund

    Great! I’ll have to buy more princess-type stickers and her own notebook to put them in! No problem! More butterflies, more ladybugs, more kitties, many more flowers to stick on, daisies, roses, lilies, rhinestones, glitter, glitz, and glamour. I can’t wait! Little girls are made for stickers.         Congratulations/  Love you guys,  Diana Swedlund

  • http://stormented.com Jonathan Storment

    Thanks for all the love everyone. We are very excited about the new addition to the Storment family!

  • Ambergcallahan

    Yay! I’m so happy for you all. I LOVE big families. It’s a ton of fun! Congratulations. Come see us in FL! We will go to Disney.
    Amber Callahan (green)