On February 25, 2011

Denying the Resurrection

I love this. Peter Rollins is quite the controversial figure. And while his introduction may leave some of your feeling a bit uncomfortable, I’d like to challenge you to listen past the surface of what he’s saying. It is after all a Parable.

What I love about this is they way it moves from Theology to something tangible. Ideas, after all, are empty if they just stay in our head. And to move from word to flesh is very central to the Gospel.

So here’s the question: How do you affirm the resurrection in your life? How have you denied it? 

Hope this doesn’t ruin your weekend.

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  • Kathywbs

    There you go again, Jonathan….challenging me to live what I say I believe! You do have a knack for sucker punching to the mid-section lol, knocking out all the snooty posturing, bringing me right down on my knees in tearful apology to my Savior. Dern it, Jonathan, you gotta stop that. [not really. Keep it coming, keep it coming!]
    In so many ways I’ve denied the Resurrection through my actions or lack of….in words or inflection, rather than declaring its truth in every aspect of life. Again I repeat, keep it coming, dear Jonathan, keep it coming.

  • lindac

    This clip has me thinking more about affirming the incarnation. What am I giving up to light the way for others. Am I so concerned with my own step “in” that others are left at the door. I am challenged to live the incarnation AND affirm the resurrection. God help me!

  • http://stormented.com Jonathan Storment

    Well said. Thanks Lindac!

  • http://stormented.com Jonathan Storment

    Thanks Mrs. Kathy! I have never been told that I have a knack for sucker punches. :) This was a convicting video for me as well. Glad it helped you too. Thanks again!

  • Kathy

    LOL – Yep! That’s what you do. You catch me with my religious guard down then punch away until total conviction takes possession and I have only one choice …. make the changes needed and make them NOW!! Bless you for punchin’ away!! :)

  • http://kingdomseeking.wordpress.com/ K. Rex Butts

    I was reading some stuff on the resurrection by Jurgen Moltmann earlier this week. He insisted that the resurrection of Jesus cannot be reduced to a mere dogma of historical fact, that the resurrection must transcend the way in which we who believe in it live.

    Great video!